EdgeGamers' Sleek New Look to Close Out 2023


We're in the home stretch of 2023 and we've got something exciting to close out the year with. Introducing the new EdgeGamers look. Sleek. Sharp. Edgy? Simple. We're excited to roll out this project across the community and will be working to do so over the days and weeks ahead. While we work, feel free to get your hands on the new assets below and begin utilizing them. We're sad to see our star mark takes it's departure but excited to have our new eGO mark to take it's place.

To reground you on what is important to us with this brand update, here's the rundown on the direction we're moving as a community.

Our Brand & Commitment​

Why We Exist
To provide a punk-free gaming experience to gamers worldwide

What We Commit To
We drive an emphasis on maturity, fairplay, and helping others.
Having a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy.

What We Want To Accomplish

Connect and bring gamers of all calibers from around the world together.

How We Game
  • Game Safe - Disrespecting other players is not tolerated. Targeted discrimination by any means is strictly prohibited.
  • Game Without Disruption - Play without worry of excessive swearing, trolling or purposeful griefing.
  • Game Fair - All players are on equal footing without cheats, scripts and exploits.
  • Game Immersive - Escape the external worries of the real world of news, politics and general society.

Our Logo​


We’re proud of our slick edgy mark, and we want YOU to use it responsibly.
  • Don’t alter, crop, skew, or distort.
  • Don’t toss a bucket of paint over the mark that doesn’t represent our pallet. It really likes its whites, grays and blues.
  • Don’t take us back to web3.0 and fill our mark with gradients.
  • Don’t change the marks orientation.
  • Make sure our trusty mark can live in clarity where it can be clearly read across the background it’s displayed over top of.
  • Provide our mark with a breath of fresh air - it should have plenty of room to breathe.


Logo Mark vs EdgeGamers Name
Our typeface logo should not be left alone and should always be joined by it’s trusty sidekick in our official logo mark. We do know however there may be those times that our mark wants to shine in the spotlight on its own.
  • Avatars & Profile Pictures
  • App Icons
  • Web Applications
  • Apparel

Color Palette​

Color is one of our most basic yet key assets in EdgeGamers brand recognition. Yes, it may just be Blue, Black and White, but that allows us to stay fresh and have more freedom in our graphic language.


Picton Blue #00B4F7 | Dodger Blue #0090FF | Magnolia #F6F2FF | Smoky Black #0F0A0A

Special Thanks​

This project couldn't have been done without our trusty and reliable designer @TricksterFPS. We appreciate the work he has put in to make this a reality and are excited to continue to collaborate with him moving forward on exciting new things. Our first body of work following our first round of implementation will be to bring you a handful of new designs to our Merch Store. We will keep you posted as we make progress.


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Whoever loads the merch shop, pls pls pls 🙏 a zipper down hoodie! Would love one that zippers down!

Love the new look!

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