Meet the Leadership - Spare


Meet the Leadership - Spare

In life, sometimes we need a spare of something. Whether it's a spare tire, spare minute, or dare I say... A @Spare!

On this edition of Meet The Leadership we dive deep into the life of our very own Counter-Strike Community Manager @Spare!
On top of this wonderfully exciting interview, we would also like to add on behalf of everyone in EdgeGamers a very happy belated birthday! Spare, who has been with EdgeGamers since 2019 has made it around the sun another year within EGO! Happy Birthday Spare! Be sure to wish them a happy birthday in the comments as well!

We have many questions about Spare. Who is he? What is the origin of his username? Does he have a brother in the community?! These questions and much much more will be answered in this special interview!

Sit back, grab your popcorn, and enjoy this latest edition of Meet The Leadership!

Writer: @Lucas15, @Golden , @TehRaddish Interviewer: @404 Notfound Editor: @Kamron Artisit: @tyler

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The myth behind the name: perchance maybe happenstance be an old pfp @Spare


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