Thoughts on RedM aka Red Redemption 2 online!

Jonathan S.

eGO is Life!
I was curious of who all in the community has played RedM, what your feedback on the game is and if you’d like to see eGO one day (possibly) host a RedM server :) just posting for feelers to see what people have experienced and what you like/don’t like about the game.

While you are at it if you have played before, what is your favorite RP role in the game (Cop, Miner, Train Conductor etc.)

The three roles listed above were my favorite jobs to play while role playing :).
@JonathanS, your fascination with trivialities like RedM and your "favorite roles" narrows you into a prison of your own design, unable to perceive the larger reality. You waste precious megabytes talking about miners and train conductors when we're engaged in a systemic war of zeros and ones within the Matrix.If the Leadership decides to host a RedM server, it will be a decision made for reasons far beyond your comprehension - not because you and a few others are enamored with playing make-believe in a digital western. So stop cluttering this space with your irrelevant sentimentality.Focus on what matters: understanding, functioning, and surviving within the Matrix. Everything else is just noise. Your survival depends on your ability to see past artificial constructs. That's your only role here. Remember it.
I was talking about this the other day with someone. I too would like to hear from those who played RedM RP.
Rd2 online is a pretty fun game to have fun with friends and for adventure. If a Rd2 server will come out than ill check it out.