What are your opinions on MW3?


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im downloading it now just wondering what you guys think about it mainly because its mixed reviews rn
MW3's way faster than MW2, but I hardly ever get the feeling I should have won an exchange. I can usually say why I lost. Where as in MW2 I was saying Bull Shit! Half the time I died.

The Campaign was OK, but left something to be desired. I liked the MW2 campaign.

I haven't tried ZOMBIES yet but it looks like a combo of Operation: Threshold and DMZ which could be a good thing!
multiplayer = same as last year just a tiny bit quicker - they need to bring back quick fix or something tho cuz regen is way too slow imo

campaign = wank - embarrassing compared to last year and 2019

zombies - yet to play, i've heard good things though but just looks like outbreak to me :/

overall I'd give it a 5/10, wouldn't really recommend anyone pays full price

also the achievements are dumb af and annoying to get, and the in game menu is terrible :)

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