Awards Announcement!

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Awards Announcement!

The ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance and Medal of Honor are our most prestigious awards. Two of our very deserving leadership members have been given each of these awards for their continued dedication to making EdgeGamers a success.

Join us in congratulating @FirezFury on receiving the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance award!
It has been 15 years since FirezFury first joined EdgeGamers. 11 of these years have been spent as a member of our leadership and not once has he stopped pushing the envelope. Many aspects of this community, most notably Minecraft, have benefited greatly from his ideas and contributions. His passion and dedication to this community is unmatched and has not wavered since he joined, and it is for these reasons that we are proud and honored to bestow the ProCombat Lifetime Alliance award on FirezFury.


We would like to congratulate @Oblixion on receiving the Medal of Honor!
Oblixion came to eGO in early 2019 and, by the end of the year, had earned a spot on the leadership team. Quickly rising through the ranks in GTA, he ultimately became Community Manager. Despite transferring out of GTA, he has continued to innovate and bring improvement to eGO as a Community Manager in our Tech Team. It doesn't matter what facet of eGO he is a part of his focus is on driving the ship forward. For this dedication to the community, we are honored to present Oblixion with the Medal of Honor.


Without members like you, our community would not be where it is today. Thank you both for everything you do and congratulations once again!

Art: @Alcha | Writing: @Adam & @Lucas15 | Editor: @Lucas15

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Great people who have dedicated insane amounts of time to this group. Congratulations.