Counter-Strike 2 Progress Update

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Counter-Strike 2 Progress Update

Hello, Counter-Strike lovers. CS Leadership hopes everyone had a safe and fun New Years.

With the start of a new year, we wanted to update you on the progress of launching additional EdgeGamers CS2 Servers. I'm excited to say that the dedicated members of our tech team have made progress on our Jailbreak server and are currently putting the final touches on a few essential items. Once these final touches are complete, we plan on launching the Jailbreak server SOON. We appreciate the patience from everyone, as this was not an easy process. The plugins and features we used in CS:GO had to be almost entirely remade from scratch or removed, as CS2 is not super friendly to custom features, at this time.

So, what does this all mean? Soon, the EdgeGamers Jailbreak server will go live, available for everyone to join. When the server launches, some features and plugins that you were used to on the CS:GO Jailbreak server will not be available. Rest assured, after going live, the tech team will continue to support the server and make it not just like the CS:GO jailbreak server, but better. Once again, almost every plugin and feature has to be made from scratch, so these things will take time. In the meantime, if you consider yourself tech-savvy, I highly recommend you consider applying for the tech team, as they constantly seek new talented members to join.

Maps, maps, and more maps. Currently, Zacc is working hard on porting our favorite jailbreak maps from CS:GO to CS2. This process is, unfortunately, more complicated and time-consuming than it should be. CS2 also does not support Vscript at this time, breaking several maps we had on CS:GO jailbreak. I highly encourage any member familiar with map making or porting to contact Zacc, as he would certainly appreciate any help. At this very moment, the CS2 jailbreak server will launch with a small selection of maps, such as VIP, Spy v Spy, Avalanche, and a few others. Rest assured, more maps will come, but if Zacc has additional help, they will come quicker.

Moving forward, the CS LE and tech teams are dedicated to launching our jailbreak server and continuing support to ensure it brings players a quality gaming experience. But what's next? After successfully launching our jailbreak server and ensuring it is running stable, we plan on launching a new CS2 server, a game mode never seen before on EdgeGamers Counter-Strike servers. More information will come in the future, but a small hint may or may not be "zombies."

Also, for 2024, the CS LE and tech team have been working on another new "server", which will be something special for all EdgeGamers Counter Strike player and lovers. Additional information will be released on this "server" in the future, so keep your eyes peeled on the breaking news forum.

Lastly, we appreciate everyone's patience. It's been said several times, but the CS:GO to CS2 process was not easy. The tech team has worked hard to bring the jailbreak gaming experience to CS2, which is not very mod or custom feature friendly.

Hope everyone has a great 2024. We'll see you on the jailbreak server soon.

Art: @december | Writer: @Daddy Succ, @Cascsiany | Editing: CS LE

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jb > ttt confirmed
JB and TTT are like how World of Warcraft new patches work. NA (JB) gets to beta test the content, and EU (TTT) gets a polished (and far better anyway) product.

So with that being said, TTT>JB