Official eGO Announcement CS2 Updates Thread

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Jailbreak Update 24.06.03

  • Re added CT Buffs
  • Removed crashy bomb for now
  • Fixed knives sometimes not being given out to some players
  • Fixed friendly fire messages during FFA warday
Jailbreak Update 24.06.06

  • Readd jihad bomb
  • Fixed crashes, use detection with bomb
  • CT buff bug fixes
  • In theory, fix map change crash
Jailbreak Update 24.06.06-HOTPATCH-2

  • Fix jihad bomb causing crashes when a Special Day is started (Temp disabled bomb during SD)
  • Further hopeful resolutions in detecting bomb use
Jailbreak Update 24.06.09

  • Fix starting LR during a SD
  • Extended FFA SD loadout time
  • Added a notification when FFA is fully started
  • Temp disable Jihad C4
  • Added a 30 second time limit for warden to use !sd at start of round
  • Fix various issues relating to LR and damaging other players (Thanks
Jailbreak Update 24.06.09-HOTPATCH-1

  • Re-add Jihad bomb
  • Removed push behavior when bomb explodes
  • Bomb can no longer be used during War / Free For All days
Jailbreak Update 24.06.10

  • Lower bomb give time to 1 second from round start
  • Lower bomb detonation time to 3/4ths of a second from 1 second
  • Remove delay time notification when a player got the bomb
Jailbreak Update 24.06.12

  • Persisted map change crash fix
  • Temp disable JB workshop content due to crashes, this has also fixed the voice bug temporarily
Jailbreak Update 24.06.15

# Server
  • Updated message formatting and coloring for warden, special day, and C4.
  • Re-enabled Multi-Addon Manager.
  • Reduced !warden command cooldown from 15 to 8 seconds.
  • Updated bomb behavior to be the same as in CS:GO
- The bomb can only be activated once
- If the bomber dies before the bomb explodes, the bomb is not dropped
- The bomber can still drop the bomb to other players without activating it
  • Activating a jihad will immediately mark you as rebelling
  • The map vote menu will now close once you've voted for a map
  • Fixed Race LR instantly killing the CT
  • Fixed some LR winner messages being doubly printed

  • Added anti-chat spam system
  • Added chat filter system
  • Fixed a bug where the duration of bans would incorrectly show as 0 minutes.
Jailbreak Update 24.06.15-HOTPATCH-2

  • Fixed numerous additional false positive filters
  • Disabled chat filter in admin and leadership chats
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