Official eGO Announcement CS2 Updates Thread

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Jailbreak Update 24.06.22

  • Fixed a bug where all wardens would be given bonus HP/Armor.
  • Fixed a bug where the first warden who was given bonus HP could re-heal past 100.
  • Fixed a bug where map rounds would not begin with 0 guards.
  • Temporarily bumped map time from 30 -> 40 minutes due to VC glitch persisting.
Jailbreak Update 24.06.28

  • Added css_ctbans command to list player's previous CT bans.
  • Spectators can now read all team chats.
  • Fixed a bug where a CT could swap to T while remaining alive.
  • Fixed a bug where the initial warden mute time was shorter than intended.
Jailbreak Update 24.07.01-HOTPATCH-1

  • Attempting to join CT through the team menu will now automatically queue you for guard.
  • Reduced the initial warden mute time.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
Jailbreak Update 24.07.04

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Happy July 4th! (I get holiday pay for this update).
Jailbreak Update 24.07.05

  • Added a cooldown to entering the guard queue to avoid spam (thanks ShookEagle ShookEagle )
  • MAUL commands now work nicely with bots
  • MAUL css_freeze command now works properly
  • Added css_rename for Advisors+
  • Improved MAUL's handling of invalid weapons for css_give
  • Added Last Guard
  • Removed Special Days
  • Added css_fire for eGO+
  • Fixed LR not ending when a player leaves the server (thanks ntm ntm )
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
Jailbreak Update 24.07.06

  • Fixed mute system not working
  • You will no longer be told you are not rebelling when given ST if you were not originally rebelling
  • Enhanced coloring / formatting for most JB messages
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
Jailbreak Update 24.07.07

  • Fixed an issue where players could join CT without minimum priority.
  • Overhauled the priority system to allow for different maximum priorities.
  • Playtime is no longer capped out, but effective priority is.
  • Max effective priority varies by player / Dedicated Supporters.
  • Default max priority for all players: 480
  • =(e)=: 500
  • Silver: 550
  • Gold: 600 (10 hours)
  • Platinum: 720
  • Royal: 865

When joining the queue, if a player has > 480 priority, they have a proportional chance to "skip" a player.
For example:
1. A 545
2. B 480
3. C 200

If player D were to join with 550 priority, they would immediately skip player C (since C does not have 480 priority).
Thus, D would guaranteed to be ahead of C at minimum. When they join the queue, the probability that they skip player B is (550 - 480) / 480 = 14.5% chance.
If they successfully skipped player B, the server would see if they skip player A using the same logic, (550 - 545) / 480 = 1% chance.
This means the probability for D to be skipped to the front of the queue would be 14.5% * 1% = 0.00145%.

Thus, the full probabilities for a given rank to skip a single player (at 480) are:
  • Default: 0%
  • =(e)=: 4%
  • Silver: 14%
  • Gold: 25%
  • Platinum: 50%
  • Royal: 80%
Jailbreak Update 24.07.08

  • Fixed a bug where the LR menu would show up when you die.
  • Updated MAUL to ephemerally display ban/kick messages.
  • Potentially fixed an issue where Last Guard would not activate when a CT left.
  • Bumped Last Guard's HP to be 80% of remaining prisoners'.
TTT Update 24.07.10

  • Backend code improvements for stability
  • New features:
* Colored bodies
* Revamped logs system
* Added /roles command for admins
* Coming soon:
* Shop
* Better configuration
* Traitor doors
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