TF2 Presents: 2Bine Tuesday!


TF2 Presents: 2Bine Tuesday!

2Bine, or not 2Bine, that is the question. Join us for 2Bine Tuesday, where we'll be combining both the 2Fort and Turbine maps together to create a hideously wonderful amalgamation of a map! The goal remains the same, the first team to capture the intelligence (flag) 3 times will win the game!

Date: Tuesday, January 9th!

Time: 8:00 PM CST/9:00 PM EST!

Event Server IP:

Please join us on our event voice channel at, we'd love to have you there!
Host: L.M.C.M. L.M.C.M.

Artist: @Alcha | Writer: L.M.C.M. L.M.C.M.

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