Kalt server warfare


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If you haven't tried the kalt server yet, I suggest you get in there. We have been having some grusome battles in there. Alot of back and forth action. Seeing alot of new names in the server everyday. This is a good server for e's to get noticed. ;)
i really enjoy kalt if we have a decent amount of players playing

for example the 1st time that kalt was actually full we were pinned but it was amazing...

today again balanced battles so much fun

it really good for me because i cant play donner(yes no talent about donner) and ava gets boring after sometime so this is a perfect map for ego to know each other...
for some reason kalt, out of all other maps, lags my computer the most, its really weird, but it's like my second favorite map so i don't really care
i gotta stop playin on donner :(
ahh all the servers are just too fun
but i need to get on kalt more
like tomorrow early :)
Lance + Tommy + Kalt = pwn JMAN :(

now on the other hand:
JMAN + Donner = Bootz go bye bye :)

Killa+ Donner + Springfield Sniper= JMAN go bye bye 8)

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