TF2 Presents: The January Royal Rumble!


TF2 Presents: The January Royal Rumble!

One of the most highly-anticipated, critically-acclaimed, award-winning events in all of eGO returns as Team Fortress 2 proudly presents The Royal Rumble!

This time around, Leadership (managers and above) will be competing against Non-Leadership in a high stakes battle for the ultimate bragging rights! Last time Leadership won (AGAIN), so now it’s time for Team Non-LE to show leadership what they're made of and take back the prize! This popular event is open to EVERYONE from all community supported games and are cordially summo- I mean encouraged to participate!

Frostward (Winter Upward)

Only 2 Engineers per team (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Only 2 Medics per team (NO EXCEPTIONS)
NO spawn camping of any kind whatsoever.

You MUST be in the Discord voice channel before event time.

The server for the event will have a password that will only be given through Discord. The Royal Rumble also relies heavily on teamwork, so communication with your teammates (primarily through Discord) is the key to victory. LE and Non-LE will be separated into different channels. A few minutes before the event starts, a member of LE will join the Event channel, go over the rules and give everyone the password.

If you get dominated while the non-leadership team is full and people are waiting, you must leave the server to give others a chance to participate. You ARE allowed to rejoin after being dominated, but if you do not leave, you will be kicked from the server. However, if the team is not full, you will not have to leave if dominated. Similarly, if a Leadership member is dominated, they must not play for 30 seconds. This keeps things fair.

Winning conditions:
BLU team must push a cart full of explosives to RED base before time runs out to win. RED team must stop BLU from doing so until time runs out to win. The team with the most wins an hour after the start is declared the winner.

The winning team gets to pick the next map.

There will also be prizes for all who post screenshots of their dominations, so get ready to punch F5 or F12 or whatever key you have screenshots set as. There will be a post in the TF2 forum that will have the title: January Royal Rumble - Post Dominations Here. Everyone who posts there will get a prize that will be selected randomly from a prize pool and an award on the forums!

Date: Saturday, January 27th!
Time: Immediately following the Clan Wide Meeting!
Event Server IP:
Additional Instructions: Please join us in our event voice channel at (preferably before event time), we'd love to have you there!

Event Host(s): TF2 Leadership

Art: @Ultralight | Writing: @L.M.C.M.

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