Meet The Leadership - Cascsiany!


Meet The Leadership - Cascsiany!

Welcome to our latest edition of Meet the Leadership! If you have ever played on our Counter Strike: Source server, you're bound to have run into one of the communities finest admins and now leaders, Cascsiany! Whether you could pronounce her name when you first met her or not she is a veteran of the community and cornerstone of our CS:S Dust_2 server which reigns as the #1 Source server in the United States. For over a decade Cas has established an excellent and proven reputation for fairness, loyalty and a deep enthusiasm for EdgeGamers and CS:S. As one upper LE once said, "Cascsiany is the epitome of a good admin".

Enough out of us, it's time to hear from this outstanding leader and pet lover herself!

Writing: @Golden | Art: Buster Buster | Interviewer: @404 Notfound | Video Editor: @ChillinWithCas | Writing Editor: Immaculate Immaculate

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