Event [DBD] Movie Night [2/9/24] - 8:00PM EST

Added to Calendar: 02-09-24

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Break out your popcorn and drinks, it's time for a horror movie watch party / movie night. We will come together and watch a movie together.
The movie will be chosen randomly based on what the host is capable of streaming to the audience.

Please keep your mic muted during the screening in order to avoid distractions! However, if you would like to play DBD with people in the channel and it is agreed upon, mics can be on. Please be mindful of the audience you are attending with.

How do I attend?
We will be in the EdgeGamers Discord Event Room! It will be renamed for our event when the time comes!

Event times
8:00 PM | CST: 7:00 PM | MST: 6:00PM | PST: 5:00PM​

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