CS2: Jailbreak Test Launch Success!


Jailbreak Test Launch Success!

The Counter-Strike team is happy to declare the success of the Test-Launch for our Jailbreak server. Our dedicated tech team has and continues to vet and bug proof the server and it looks fantastic!

This journey may have come with bumps along the way but the approaching destination is more than worth the effort. Our Tech and CS Leadership team stands prepared to swiftly address and resolve issues that may arise. We gratefully acknowledge your patience and support during this process as it has been the motivating force that encourages our teams to push for our servers completion. To assist us in stress testing and fixing, we encourage you to report any bugs you encounter. Your feedback is critical as we work towards a final product we can all enjoy.

We thank you all for sticking with us and expressing your enthusiasm for Jailbreak. Soon we will be kicking the doors wide open and hosting plenty of server fill events on the server to ensure that we can all have fun and bring back some great memories from CS2 Jailbreak.

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So happy to see the progress that’s already been made. Looking forward to participating in every iteration that comes along. Huge shout out to MSWS and the Mapping Team who have tirelessly made progress to giving us what we currently have. Extremely happy to have one of the best communities in CS History back. Cheers and here’s to many more years of fun.
Had a good amount of people on last night. Once scripts and proper porting is done this server will be even more awesome than it is. Thanks Zacc and everyone else who is helping!