DBD Valentine's Day Updates and Promotions!


DBD Valentine's Day Updates and Promotions!

Either you love the holiday or you don't - Valentine's Day is upon us and love is in the air.

As always, here is the recent DBD news.

For the more serious players, especially those who play survivor, the past few weeks have been really beneficial for you. Generator kicking (3 genning) has become near impossible to maintain over a long stretch of time (YAY). Additionally, a new survivor has entered the fog, Alan Wake.

Today, a new gamemode was released called Lights Out. Read more about it here.

Moving to some more exciting news. I am happy to recognize two promotions for two individuals.


@Alex - Alex was the first person I reached out to for help when pitching DBD to eGO. I am so happy to see his growth so far.
He has stepped up in leading events and clearly cares about interacting with each and every person within the small community we have.
Please congratulate Alex on his promotion to Advisor!


@Faithfull - Faithfull was someone I know a while back. A couple years ago I would have never invited him to eGO. He was too immature.
Faithfull has grown up in his maturity level but also his ability to connect with others. Having him in the room is always a pleasure.
Please congratulate Faithfull on his promotion to eG!

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