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Art: @Ric

Today we are announcing the start of our Winter Clip Contest. If you'd like to participate in the contest, you can submit your clips to the #winter-clip-contest channel. Some of the submitted clips will be used as content for our TikTok account and they will be compiled into a video. In addition, the clip with the most
reactions will receive a 25$ Steam gift card and the clip with the second most reactions will receive a Custom License Plate. You can find more information below. If you have any questions feel free to open a ticket. The contest will end on March 21st and the winners will be announced the following day!

ClearRP TikTok
ClearRP Discord

Contest Timeline

Feb. 21- Mar. 21 | Accepting Clips
Mar. 22 | Announce Winners

Contest Rules

1. You must be the owner of the clip.
2. Clips must be from the ClearRP FiveM Server
3. You may submit an unlimited amount of clips
4. You can only win one prize
5. Clips can not have been summited in any other contest.

How to Vote

You can vote by reacting to your favorite clips with a star
. Clips are located in the #winter-clip-contest channel.

Old Contest Videos

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