I need your help!!!!

Nouille Chinoise


As many may know, I've left teaching a couple years back to build my own Landscaping company. This being said, I have since sold this company to expand into a side hustle I was fond of, which is Landscape design.

This smaller business has been running for around two years, but I haven't had the time to create any social media pages for it.

I would really appreciate if you guys would leave commenta or follow my recent page.

Thank you, sincerely,

Your Nouille Chinoise
Just helped someone out yesterday who runs a landscaping business, what helped him was making a Facebook page. I saw him take pictures of the before, during and after of the paver work, we were doing. Honestly with those pictures it could not hurt to create an Instagram as well. Finally, I would create a google page and while this is not necessarily "right" he had his friends and family give 5-star reviews to boost it.
glint's Google idea is a great idea. I would also suggest Craigslist, Angi's List and IG. It may take some effort to maintain them but that's marketing.

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