Garry's Mod DoD Boredom/Fun


Here's a couple random action shots I made with Garry's Mod. Was wondering if anyone also has some cool or funny pics they made with it.

I've heard of this Garry's mod. Especially from the half life and CS community.

What is it?
its a "sandbox" mod, allows you to take ragdolls, objects, basically anything you see in hl2, css, or dod and mold them and play around with the physics of the game


those are pretty sweet man
lol on the last pic, the guy with the 30. cal
what is on his neck?
is it one of those mic's for people who smoke too much? lol
plz get back to me on this.
same here. im learning to do some fun stuff with photoshop, and this seems to be a little more interactive, plus the interface seems to be a lot cooler sounding !lol is this what the eGO guys make the sigs from?
hah bootz, i think its one of the shells from the .30 cal facing him and just happens to be right next to his throat. lol.
you ahve to buy garysmod 10.

IF you can find garysmod9 its free, but no support anywhere for it.

GREAT JOB man. You make me look pitiful lol.
I have the older gmod 9 but it doesnt use DoDs models maps ect... and as far as I know, its not possible to make it use them but if it is please let me know.
yeah i can try to make some cool sigs if anyone wants them.. i have fun in garrysmod when im bored so just let me know
the rlease of gmod 10 is when it became and official release from steam i guess, got updated alot from 9-10