Team Fortress 2 on TikTok.


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For those who are unaware of who I am, my name is Ric. 15 years ago, I started in TF2 and was given an eG by ScrappyDoo, who's no longer with us. Throughout my time in eGO, I've helped out all over our community. Most recently, after my tour with GTA, I've been interested in our TikTok endeavors. One thing I noticed about TF2 is the lack of representation in terms of media, and I'm here to fix it. I do not represent the media team in an official capacity. I'm simply a member who wants to see more TF2. More members. More frags. More players. More events. More fun.

One of the purposes of this thread is to embed our TikTok videos for those who may be interested, but don't have or know how to operate TikTok. For old timers like myself, I understand. It took me over 3 months to understand the process of TikTok. The other purpose of this thread is to recognize the members that get shown on our TikTok.

Over the upcoming weeks, months, decades, years, forever, I'll be focused on building TF2 in additional ways, like creating advertising videos. Once we're at a comfortable pace with expression, I'll be moving onto other parts of the community to assist them as well.

Together, we can accomplish anything. Nearly 20 years of dominant, punk-free gaming. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. See you around!