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Captain Jeff
What is the scope of your bug report?

Short description of the bug
Duel Plugin

Detailed description of the bug
After completion of the duel, the duel stays at the top of the screen. Icons above players' heads also appear.

Duel also lost the amount of wins per person on the servers.

Server appearing on was 2Fort.

No image able to capture.
{lightblue}[Duel] beanchilada {olive}has 0 victory!
{lightblue}[Duel] =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 {olive}has 0 victory!

{lightblue}[Duel] =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 : 1 - beanchilada : 5
{lightblue}[Duel] Write !topduel to see the best challengers.
{lightblue}[Duel] =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 : 0 - beanchilada : 5
{lightblue}[Duel] =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 {olive}wins duel against beanchilada
=(eGO)= Jeff7890110: gg
{lightred}DEAD beanchilada: gg
{lightblue}[Duel] =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 : -1 - beanchilada : 5
=(eGO)= Jeff7890110: wait is the duel broken for you at the top?
beanchilada: ye
=(eGO)= Jeff7890110: weird...
=(eGO)= Jeff7890110: idk
{lightblue}[Duel] beanchilada {olive}wins duel against =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 (=(eGO)= Jeff7890110 aborted)
{lightblue}[Duel] beanchilada {olive}wins duel against =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 (Player changed team)
Teams will be auto-balanced in 5 seconds.
{lightblue}[Duel] beanchilada {olive}wins duel against =(eGO)= Jeff7890110 (Player changed team)
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Howdy! Thank you for reporting this! This (as you know) is reported and being worked on! Moving.

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