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Well ladies and gentlemen next year I'm off to higher education up in UC Berk. I'm gonna bring the pc with me so dont worry Ill stick around. I want recommendations for a sturdy portable laptop. Weigh me some pros and cons
Berk is for losers.

Irvine > Berk.

Averatec makes very nice cheap, fast laptops. My friend has the 12.1 inch model and it's very light and fast.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1501.

Dual Core AMD Turion 1.6ghz x2
2 gigs ddr2 533mhz
80gig hard drive
Integrated Radeon 1405 256mb graphix card

Runs well and smooth, comes with vista.

Perfect for school purposes and can even run a few games.
All half life source games.

(Note you have to turn the graphix down)

It can run like 6-8 hours on the battery if you set the power options right.

Highly recommended.
Panasonic toughbooks were good a couple years ago. I don't know if their quality is still good, but they are tough.
I have an Asus A8JS laptop. It's a wonderful lapotp! It has a GeForce 7700 Go, which runs Dod at 60 FPS (even on Vista!). Of course i bought 2 GB of RAM for it (3 GB total now) i dont know if that will affect FPS in DOD. Other than that, I love that. hey DJ I'm in Irvine too. Are you at UCI?


== EDIT==
I forgot to mention it's also cheap -- less thatn 1500 (I bought mine off of -- good service and shipping speed!)
like half of my friends are in UCI or going there or UCSB. My close buddies got into UCLA which was my first choice :(
so give me some links
I agree with Atanamir on the Asus. If you decide Dell, don't go looking to the actual company for support. If you choose anything from HP, expect expensive repairs from the company and/or look for a small business around you to fix.

If you don't plan on gaming for the laptop, I suggest the mac probook. Even though I don't like macs, they are dependable, able to organize music and videos with ease, editing photos and videos, etc.
lol how do i right click with macs?

well you see macs arent that advanced for a right button yet :p soon maybe
For the Asus A8Js:

Cheapest Store (I bought mine from here): [link=][/link]

Good description: [link=][/link]

But, if you're not in a rush, you shouldnt' get the A8JS... I think inthe summer they are coming out with a new model with Geforce 8-series and the new intel cpus....


as a plus it comes with a really nice bag as well as a mouse too!
the new MAC with the pho processor you can split the hard drives to be half mac have PC its 1337 sauce if ya got about $2200 to burn :)

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