Meet The Leadership - Jayy!


Meet The Leadership - Jayy!

For this month’s edition of Meet the Leadership, we have one of our most enigmatic yet passionate members of our Counter-Strike team. Hailing from Great Britain and proud of it, he has been an essential cog in transitioning from CS:GO to CS2 in the past few months as he works diligently to bring some of our favorite servers back to life. Those of us lucky enough to know him love him.

During his time as a member of Leadership Jayy has worked tirelessly to unify, develop and propel the Counter-Strike team with the upmost respect and cooperation for all members and his fellow leaders. With great humility Jayy has always pursued the light over the heat thereby resolving issues and finding agreement that leads to progress. He's one of those people who prefers to avoid the spotlight for himself while turning it on other deserving members.

Well, today he can hide no more as this is truly his day.
For all he has done for our community, EdgeGamers would like to take this moment to recognize and award Jayy the Platinum Commendation.
Indeed, his efforts have provided progress and expansion of the community we all continue to enjoy.

Congratulations, Jayy Jayy !

platinum medal.png

There is so much unknown about the British Senior Manager from Counter-Strike, and we wanted to get to know him more. So let's give it up for Jayy as we dive into his life in this installment of our Meet The Leadership series!

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bruv you did good, lets go to the pub on chewwwwsdayyyy

Congratchulations Jayy! A very well-deserved award, so well-deserved that' I thaught' yau already had it!

Can't' wait' to watch the video; howevuh, I feil bad for poor flat flat ' who had to work the interview araund yauh dog walks... I mean, this was probably in the making sinc' the last' eclips' totality ovuh the pond...

Your complementary bo'oh'o'wa'er is on the left'
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Congrats Jayy! Well deserved. You've always done great things for eGO. Loved being on the team with ya back in the day.
congrats on the plat award.

and fun lil video of the brit :)

Edit: WUT its almost your 4th year here, thought you were here longer
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