CS Jailbreak What is the true meaning of a "Bad Warden" and/or a "Good Warden"

If you are a toxic warden, it does not mean you are less likely to be rebelled on. how many times do you see me telling t's to crouch walk? never! because I know where they are going to go so i get myself and my fellow counter terrorists to better positions so i dont have to make them do toxic commands. being a better ct isnt about being more toxic, its about thinking ahead and being smarter than a swarm of knives
ngl im only toxic because its funny asf when they complain in chat and in vc about commands. I be laughing my ass off
I feel like the biggest thing that helps in making a good warden is map knowledge. You don't have to make people crouch walk everywhere if you know where the secrets are, and you can steer the T's away from secrets without killing them. No one likes dying when they weren't planning on rebelling in the first place. If you don't kill the T's that WANT to follow your commands I.E. jumping while crouch walking, it makes it a whole lot easier to stop the ones who are actually rebelling. This goes for Ct's in general, there is always a group of some T's that rebel every round and a group of T's that mostly listen to commands in game. If you focus on the rebel every rounders, you can actually have rounds that make it to LR without constant crouch walking and killing off half before the first game even begins.

In the end, JB is just a video game that is supposed to be for fun. If you aren't there to have fun, what are you even doing playing. Killing 10 T's from a "toxic" command might make you have fun and happy, but it lowers the overall fun and happiness of everyone in the server, leading to more T's joining the rebel every round group or outright leaving the server.

Not everyone wants to rebel every round, sometimes you just want to play the games, but the more you die to toxic commands the more it makes you want to rebel every round. TOXIC CT'S CREATE TOXIC T'S.

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