Minecraft's State of the Union


Minecraft's State of the Union
Greetings all,

It is with great pride that we would like to give you all an update on the ongoings of our Minecraft server. The MC Leadership team of GrumpyCatJen, Honorstar, and SoupyJr have been working diligently over the past few months.

The last time we touched base was in January for the Minecraft - Pardon The Dust update, and we would like to touch base again, letting all of you get the scoop on what's new!

The Minecraft Leadership team has had their ears to the ground, listening to all of your suggestions for improvements for the server, and the Minecraft community as a whole.

  • Cosmetics & Mounts
    • Started with UltraCosmetics and ended up with ProCosmetics​
    • All Cosmetics will be available for purchase with Cosmetic Coins once they are added to store.edgegamers.com
    • Cosmetics Include Pets, Music, Balloons, Gadgets and more!​
  • Heads Database
    • Players can now access the Heads Database to purchase unique decorations for their house, with Dedicated Supporters having early access to new head categories.​
  • Admin Shop
    • To make it fair for everyone, the Admin Shop will have access to over 50 seasonal heads anyone can enjoy.​
  • ArmourStandEditor
    • Members can edit armor stands with various options.​
    • Dedicated Supporters have access to more edit options.​
  • ABC Project
    • Due to popular demand, the ABC project has been brought back!​
    • ABC Project now has a quest line with 140+ quests.​
    • The reward for each item is a Random Crate Key.​
  • Crate Keys
    • New VOTE Crate key, giving a random amount of money.​
    • Event Crate keys will also provide you with a random amount of money you can get from participating in events.​
    • Profession Crate keys catering to your specific play styles can be found in the random crate, or purchased at store.edgegamers.com.​
    • The Mob Crate key satisfies another request, rewarding players with various mob spawn eggs.​
  • Spawn
    • Due to popular demand, there has been a spawn overhaul​
    • Spawn and AFK Zones have been moved into their own worlds.​
    • Portals to overworld, events, and each mind world that can be used.​
    • Bulletin Board with signs that new, or existing players can use to find out more information on a variety of topics.​
  • GSit
    • You can now Crawl, Sit, Lay down, or belly flop.​
    • Participate in skipping the night by taking a nap on the ground.​
    • Dedicated Supporters can sit on player's heads, and spin!​
  • BeSocial
    • You can interact more with your friends by Hugging, Poking, High-Fiving or even giving someone a Hand Shake!​
  • Pocket Games
    • Cookie Clicker, Minesweeper, Dino Run, and more games can now be played on the go!​
    • Members have access to multiplayer games as well.​
  • PVP Arena
    • A PVP Arena can now be found in the survival world, complete with a spectator balcony, and don't worry! Even if you die you will keep your stuff.​
  • Community Chests
    • Donation boxes for you to give what you can, so others can take what they need.​
  • Find Item
    • With the upgrade of our Quick Shop plugin, we were also able to add the addon for item searching! Now, players can find the item they are looking to buy or sell, compare the prices, and find the player's warp name.​
  • Mine End
    • Added a mine world specific for the end.​
    • Players now have access to more end cities, ships, and other end resources!​
  • McMMO
    • McMMO has been update without any issues!​
  • Trash Command
    • Dedicated Supporters can now use the /trash command to quickly dispose of unwanted inventory.​

  • Server Resets
    • Currently planned for Once per year, or less.​
    • Hoping to limit resetting the survival world for major updates only.​
  • Mine World Resets
    • Working towards consistency with resets every month​
  • Player Data Carry Forward
    • With the addition of cosmetics, we plan to carry forward related player data so that the purchased cosmetics can continue to be enjoyed in future server resets.​
  • More Forum Awards
    • This is a work in progress. The first award in development is for completing the entire ABC quest line. We are also looking into something for Minecraft Cribs participants.​
  • Events
    • We continue to work on bringing players some of the most requested events, like Murder Mystery, Hide and Seek, etc… We have carried out some other activities requested, like scavenger hunts.​
  • Sound Muffler
    • We are still working on finding or developing this feature.​
  • Custom Prefix
    • We are still working on finding the best way to implement this without conflicting with existing prefixes from the admin rank and DS level.​

  • Member of the Year 2023:
    • We recognize Spock for his amazing growth and all that he has contributed (and continues to contribute) to the Minecraft community.​
  • Team Changes:
    • A huge thank you to these team leaders who put in plenty of hard work and time into the Minecraft server: Tea, Pikaslack, Jamboree_Lee, BUTTERLOVER7683, and Vers. We look forward to welcoming them back when the time is right.​
    • On the bright side, Honorstar has been promoted to Build Team Manager
      • SoupyJr is the new Event Coordinator Manager.​
      • Feddy recently transitioned to Build Team Advisor for Minecraft.​
    • We are looking to recruit players with command block experience, building and decorating skills, and passionate event hosts!​
  • Improved Server Performance:
    • We migrated our server to a different platform to improve the performance of our server and reduce our monthly costs.​
    • This evidentially caused various updates and upgrades to plugins.​
  • store.edgegamers.com:
    • We lowered prices in the store for potion effects and McMMO boosts!​
  • PlayerShops:
    • We now have the PlayerShops warp! Each player can claim up to one 10x10 plot to create a small shop.​
    • There will be plenty of room to expand in the future!​
  • Mailbox:
    • In comes the Mailbox! This allows players to send and receive both letters and items!​
    • It comes with a fancy mailbox that you can add to your home and serves as your own little post office.​
    • This is where all your participation awards will go for events!​
  • Announcements:
    • We now have announcements that show up in the chat periodically.​
    • Many will be reminders of rules and commands, and some will be announcements for upcoming events!​
  • New Paint:
    • Our build team has been busy sprucing up some existing event maps, from Anvil Drop to Ant Farm to Murder Mystery!​
  • Minecraft Forums:
    • We have and will continue to update our forums for the Minecraft server.​
    • Some new features are:
      • Listing all the perks that members and dedicated supporters get, the donations page,​
      • Leadership Roster​
      • Admin Trainer Roster​
      • Event Coordinator Roster.​
      • We also responded to and updated the status of Bug Reports and Suggestions.​
  • Voting Sites:
    • We updated the voting sites to keep up-to-date.​
    • There are also 9 new voting sites for even more reward potential.​
    • The reward for voting has been changed to Vote v2.0 Crate Keys which provide a random amount of money!​
    • To ensure nobody complains, all members get 4 crate keys per vote.​
  • Polls:
    • We released a couple of polls in the Forums to collect information from our members.​
    • We will continue to create polls to gain insight and feedback on our servers.​
    • Don't brush this off! If you have a few seconds to participate in the vote it could provide valuable insight into improving the Minecraft server!​
  • Discord:
    • We've updated the “info” in Discord to keep players informed about our team and the server.​
    • We plan to merge the public portion of our EdgeGamers Minecraft Discord to the main EdgeGamers Discord.​
    • By moving the voice/text channels, we hope more people will become aware of the Minecraft part of EdgeGamers!​

Other than listening to eGO members' requests, Minecraft Leadership has been working on a multitude of different things for the Minecraft server. Although you might not log on and see these changes, they are still happening!

As always, a huge thank you to the Minecraft team for all they do to make this server as amazing as it is. Your dedication shines brighter than a full diamond beacon, and we're more grateful than a villager with an emerald trade because, with you all at the helm, our server is truly a wonderful place to be.

Additionally, the Media Team has been burning the midnight oil to bring you an exciting Minecraft video showcasing the latest updates. Keep an eye out for a special tribute to Tea – we'll leave that part to your keen observation. Without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Artist: Ric Ric | Writers: @Golden @dryden | Writing Editor: @Lucas15 | Video Editor: Ric Ric

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