Minecraft is Recruiting

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Minecraft is Recruiting!

Are you prepared to delve into the world of EdgeGamers' Minecraft, where you can mine, construct, and create your path to success? Whether you're keen to hone your project management skills into tools as precious as diamonds, unearth your creativity to craft stunning builds, sow the seeds of inspiration for community engagement, or elevate your social finesse to new heights, your journey starts here. Join the EdgeGamers Minecraft team, and let's embark on an endless adventure together!

We're searching for dynamic individuals eager to lead and organize thrilling events for our community. The success of our team depends on our ability to monitor event metrics, actively seek player feedback, and remain flexible by constantly updating our roster of activities.

We're scouring every nook and cranny for creative minds willing to dive into the realm of arena and map design for our events and server escapades. We have a special interest in those who possess the magical touch with redstone contraptions and command blocks, capable of crafting awe-inspiring creations. The success of this team relies on our ability to think outside the block, produce original masterpieces, and avoid over-reliance on plugins.

We're actively seeking enthusiastic individuals who resonate deeply with the mission of EdgeGamers, ready to lead the charge in shaping the EdgeGamers Minecraft experience. This crucial role entails meticulously maintaining our digital presence. On a day to day basis, you can expect to be updating articles, forums, and Discord channels to refreshing advertising materials, such as eye-catching banners on voting platforms. The success of this team relies on our capacity to understand the journey of newcomers, warmly embracing them into the community, and effectively conveying the essence of EdgeGamers and the myriad of adventures awaiting them on our Minecraft server.

If you're ready to embark on an adventure alongside the EdgeGamers Minecraft squad, reach out to @GrumpyCatJen on the forums or Discord. Kindly provide your forum name, rank, and the area you're most interested in contributing to the team. Thank you!

Artist: Ric Ric | Writer: @GrumpyCatJen

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