Member Services Event: VR Chat Murder Mystery!

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MS Event: VR Chat Murder Mystery!


Member Services is proud to announce it's first VR Chat event and mystery. Search and investigate who did it in a visual reality world that will capture and enthrall the eyes and senses. A murder has happened, a villain is among us, clues can be found but the puzzle needs to be seen to be solved. Stay safe and bring your thinking caps. Join us for a great time and experience you'll want to do again and again. Please contact a Member Services team member or the host for any questions.

VRChat is FREE. It's an amazing fully interactive online virtual world platform operated by VRChat, Inc. The platform allows users to interact with gamers using 3D avatars of their choosing or their design in worlds that offer incredible experiences.

For this event our world will be private at all times. All eGO code of conduct must be observed and respected. You can be on platforms such as VR (Meta, SteamVR, Vive) or PC (keyboard or controller).


Event Day & Times
PST: 4 PM | CST: 6 PM | EST: 7 PM | UTC: 11 PM

How To Attend
Join the EdgeGamers Discord a little before the time displayed below.
Enter our Discord here: EdgeGamers

Game Links
Steam Link For VRChat
Meta Link For VRChat

Artist & Writer: Immaculate Immaculate

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