13 Years


CM - Admin Development
Community Manager
13 Years ago I joined this community. While my activity has always been on and off I can say that my time in EdgeGamers has been overall very positive. I have so many great memories here.

So let's start at the beginning. Back when I joined we were still using ventrillo as our voip client. We had a Jail server so popular we ended up with 2 of them. We supported DoD:S, TF2, CS:S, Insurgency, EVE, Strat (strategy games), OP:X (where things went to die) and World of Warcraft. We had sponsors, we had our own internet radio TuneGO, we had tons of events, we had an active EU playerbase and EUTZ specific events. Speaking of events, this is how weekly event lineups would look sometimes:

[STR]Breakaway: 11-14-2011, 11-21-2011
[STR] LoL: ARAM: 11-14-2011, 11-21-2011
[CS:S] Jail Night: 11-14-2011, 11-21-2011
[TF2] Recruiting Drive: 11-15-2011
[STR] StarCraft II King of the Hill Night: 11-15-2011, 11-22-2011
[CS:S] Hide & Seek: 11-15-2011
[TF2] Euro Edgegamers Hour: 11-16-2011
[STR]You pick event: 11-16-2011, 11-23-2011
[CS:S] Deadly Deathrun Night: 11-16-2011
DoD:S Gun Game: 11-16-2011, 11-23-2011
[TF2] Euro Class vs. Class: 11-17-2011
[DoD:S] Wild Card Event: 11-17-2011, 11-24-2011
[STR]You-pick Event: 11-18-2011, 11-25-2011
[STR] LoL: Dominion Night: 11-18-2011, 11-25-2011
[CS:S] Invisible Man: 11-18-2011
[TF2] Dog Tag Scrim: 11-18-2011
[CoD] Spec Ops: 11-18-2011, 11-25-2011
[DoD:S] Realism Campaigns: 11-19-2011, 11-26-2011
[STR] StarCraft II Team Show Matches: 11-20-2011, 11-27-2011
[CS:S] Surf Night: 11-20-2011
[TF2] Euro Minigame Night: 11-21-2011
[CS:S] Extreme Climb Night: 11-22-2011
[CS:S] Last Man Standing: 11-23-2011
[TF2] Worst Event Ever: 11-23-2011
[TF2] Recruiting Drive: 11-25-2011
[CS:S] Mini Game Night: 11-25-2011
[TF2] Noisia's Social Hour: 11-26-2011
[CS:S] Dog Tag Scrim (eG vs eGO): 11-27-2011

This was a heyday for online communities. We weren't this popular because we were the only ones out there. We were popular (as evident by having multiple top 10 servers in every source game) because we were one of the best. We carved our own niche. We said who cares what everyone else is doing, let's do what we want to do, what works for us. All these years later and we're still kicking while many of our old competitors are gone. Some of you might even remember pG. pG was founded by Abdul, an old eGO ranked admin that used to frequent our CS:S Jail server. His startup was actually a splinter community from here and he managed to poach quite a few members promising them admin ranks.

EdgeGamers is a place where I've made lifelong friends and have some of my best memories. I've always wanted to get this community back to where it used to be. I want people to have that great experience that I had when I was so much younger. That passion drove me and eventually led to me becoming CM. I've been a part of a lot of teams over the years. CS:S recruiters, PSC application processor, MS, Admin Trainer, Jail Boss (lmao), Admin Development, Community Management. I've even hosted some events here and there but I'd never say I was a real EC.

In recent times real life responsibilities have pulled me away from my responsibilities here which is why I chose to step down from my CM position. I'll still be around though, joining events here and there. You can usually catch me at karaoke and sometimes Black Mesa.

Anyways, the point of the rambling post was to just say, I absolutely love this community and there really isn't much else like it still surviving today. I've gained skills and experience here that I've been able to use to advance my goals irl. I've made tons of friends and some great memories. I want that to continue to be a thing for each and every one of you and for every single person that comes after.


Also impromptu AMA I guess so AMA.