Important What is considered griefing in Minecraft?

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What is considered griefing in Minecraft?

The Wikipedia Definition
A griefer or bad-faith player is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately and intentionally irritates and harasses and annoys other players within the game (trolling), by using aspects of the game in unintended ways in order to destroy something another player made or built, or stealing something, such as items or loot, when that is not the primary objective.[1] A griefer derives pleasure primarily, or exclusively, from the act of annoying other users, and as such, is a particular nuisance in online gaming communities. If a bad-faith player is attempting to gain a strategic advantage, it could be considered cheating.

  1. No disrespect towards other players.
  2. Harassment of other players is prohibited.
  3. No cheating, scripting or exploiting of any kind.
  4. Don't disrupt server functions through excessive swearing, spamming, trolling and purposeful griefing.
  5. Avoid political, religious, news, societal, and other inappropriate conversations.
  6. Recruiting and advertising is prohibited.

Specific Examples of Griefing in Minecraft
Below is a list of examples for what is considered griefing in the EdgeGamers Minecraft server. This does not preclude other forms of griefing on the server. This is simply a guide.

In-Game Chat:

  • Using in-game chat to discuss highly opinionated topics such as political, religious, news, and/or societal topics.
  • Using in-game chat to make a racist, sexist, ablist, homophobic, or other discriminatory remark. (Note: This can/will get you banned)
  • Using in-game chat to be disrespectful to players, such as directly calling players offensive names or making derogatory remarks about a specific player.
  • Using in-game chat to be disrespectful to players indirectly, such as spamming chat, excessive swearing, or making derogatory remarks about people in general.
  • Using in-game chat to spoil events, such as ghosting in Murder Mystery.
  • Using in-game chat to advertise game servers outside of EdgeGamers or websites that violate the EdgeGamers Code of Conduct.
  • Using in-game chat to start an argument.
  • Using in-game chat to ask questions with malicious intent (such as to waste time or ask troll questions).
  • Using /ad to make false reports to admins, such as claiming to have had items stolen in an attempt to gain free replacements.
  • Using /ad to chat with admins casually or for a conversation outside of its intended purpose: to report issues to admins.
Unfair Advantages and Server Disruption:
  • Using a cheat to gain advantages over other players, such as Criticals, Flight, Aimbot, AutoFish, AntiAFK, Blink, CaveFinder, or X-Ray. This does not preclude other forms of hacking on the server.
  • Using an exploit to gain unauthroized access, steal sensitive data, or disrupt gameplay.
  • Using a glitch or a mechanic for something other than it was intended to gain an advantage over other players.
  • Using a mod that would provide an unfair advantage. Some mods are pre-approved here but are subject to change.
  • Excessive use of redstone circuits or possession of too many entities within a chunk, such that it causes the server to lag.
  • Digging, mining, or harvesting in the overworld such that it ruins the scenery for players. One specific example is breaking some logs of a tree but leaving the tops untouched and unable to dissipate on its own.
  • Digging a hole straight down to bedrock in the mineworld where a player could fall to their death.
  • Digging, mining, harvesting, building, killing, leading, breaking or any other modifications to a players' base, claimed or not claimed. The only bypass is having permission from that player or being trusted to the claim.
  • Building in the overworld such that it causes a disturbance. Some specific examples are building a "nerd pole" from dirt or building a bridge from cobblestone.
  • Building a harmful or annoying trap outside of your claim.
  • Walking in to a players' base, especially when marked, claimed or not claimed, is tresspassing and a violation of privacy. The only bypass is having permission from that player or being trusted to the claim.
  • Making a base less than 3 chunks from the edge of another base to prevent players from traveling around bases and giving players some added privacy.
  • Making claims for malicious purposes, such as to build a wall around another players' base.
  • Taking tools and weapons from a players' chest, using them to bring down the durability, and returning the items to its original chest.
  • Taking loot on the ground that another player recently earned (by digging, mining, breaking, harvesting, killing, etc). The only bypass is having permission from that player or finding abandoned loot.
  • Taking items from chests outside of your base in the overworld, claimed or not claimed. This includes villages in the overworld. The mine worlds are a free-for-all.

Player Interactions:
  • Using a skin of pedo bear, that is pornographic in nature, or violate the EdgeGamers Code of Conduct.
  • Using inappropriate names for home teleports or player warps.
  • Using heads and armor stands to build inappropriate scenes such as two people having intercourse in bed.
  • Using cosmetics to annoy players that have kindly asked you to stop.
  • Spamming players with pocket game duel requests.
  • Sitting on a player that has kindly asked you to stop.
  • Sending large amounts of unwanted items through the mailbox to other players.
  • Using spawn eggs on or near another player or base, hostil mob or not.
I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our leadership team.

Thank you and happy mining!

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