Your Favourite Movie


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What is your favourite movie?

Actually I don't see that many movies but here you go.

1. American Pie - I think it's funny :rolleyes:.
2. 2Fast2Furious..
3. James Bond! :D

(I forgot some of the movies but this is just 3 movies I like) :).

(Remember you can check this thread to see if there is some interesting movies you might wanna see).

(It's okay to post more than one reply just post if you remember a good movie).
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I made one post

I'll pick a couple i've seen in the last year.

1)Get Smart
3)Live Free or Die Hard
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3 but which one.

My Favourite movie is Rat Race!
I really want to see the new movie Hancock. Has anyone seen it and did they think it was any good?


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1 ) American Graffiti
2 ) The Searchers
3 ) Saving Private Ryan
4 ) Patton
5 ) Rio Bravo
6 ) Back Window
7 ) Vertigo
8 ) Caddyshack
9 ) North by Northwest
10 ) His Girl Friday

I like 5-10 about the same no real reason to the order.


Top 10 of my favourite movies, and I'll use trilogies so the list isn't populated by the same movies with different substitles.

1.Saving Private Ryan
2.The Lord of The Rings Trilogy
3.Star Wars Trilogy
4.Hot Fuzz
5.Back To the Future Trilogy
6.Toy Story
8.The Evil Dead Trilogy
10.Shaun of the Dead

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A lot.

1. Kung Fu Panda
2. The Incredible Hulk(2008)
3. Iron Man
4. Final Fantasy: Advent Children
5. Kickin' It Old School
6. You Got Served
7. The Game Plan
8. Die Hard's
9. Transformers


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1. Andrei Rublev by Andrei Tarkovsky

2. Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky

3. Persona by Ingmar Bergman

4. Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa

5. Sword of Doom by Kihachi Okamoto

I will stop here.


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Its too hard to choose...

1.The Silence of The Lambs

And for my least favorite movie:
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: If you want a reason, PM me.
None of these lists are in particular order.

Here are me favourites:

1. Pink Floyd: The Wall. It's got beautiful and haunting music, amazing imagery and direction and some of the deepest meaning ever in an 'Acid Flick' based on 60's and 70's music .

2. Naked Lunch, A History of Violence, The Fly, Scanners, VideoDrome, the brood, The Dead Zone, Twins (Dead Ringers),eXistenZ and pretty much anything else by David Chronenberg except Northern Promises and Crash [1996. Not the award winning one.]

3. The City of Lost Children. It was a recent addition, but I've become fascinated with it. It's like stepping into an oddly beautiful nightmare..

4. 12 Monkeys. Brilliant story and one of Gilliam's best movies (Next to Tideland. I hope that Gilliam fans don't bash me for saying Tideland is awesome.)

5. オヂション ('Audition'). I'm not scared easily, but to date Audition is probably the only horror movie that actually horrifies me, and it also has a great story.

6. Bad Taste. Okay, zombie hunters in New Zealand notice a strange sure of disappearing people, and find out the new residents in their town are actually space aliens who like to eat green.. Uhm, maybe you should just see the movie. Its disgusting :p, but anyways, they are here to harvest us for food at their intergalactic restaurant that is going to get shut down if they don't get something new. Mmmyep. It was Peter Jackson's first movie, so you can expect lots of gore (Still not on Braindead levels though) and gross jokes.

7. Clerks. It's funneh!

8. Sunset Blvd. A great film that easily earns its 'classic' status.

9. The Great Dictator. Another great film that earns 'classic' status. It has Charlie Chaplin (Always a plus) but its his first talking film, and while it is funnier than hell it also has a GREAT point on dictatorship and uses metaphors to tell its message up till the end, where he gives a speech as the jewish barber character who looks exactly like Hynkle (A very obvious parody of hitler) has to dress up as him to escape prison, and is expected to give a speech at a rally he accidently ends up, and gives one of the greatest speeches ever. See for yourself.

10. The Korean 'vengeance trilogy' (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, OldBoy [Best], (Sympathy for) Lady Vengeance). Excellent EXCELLENT movies.

11. うずまき (Uzumaki/Vortex/Spiral) Weird, haunting, hypnotizing, funny, weird. Yeah, this movie is awesomely screwed up. The manga is better for horror, but the movie has its own unique feel. [ame][/ame] I'll translate for you: The background voice (Guru guru guru guru- Round and round) Me, Boyfriend, Father, Mother, Teacher, Classmate, stalker, snail, spiral fish cakes(???) All dying around me.
Worst films:

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Come on Gilliam! You were the PERFECT choice to make a movie based on Fear & Loathing. Why did you have to screw it up so bad?!. At least Johnny Depp was great in his role.

2. The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. A great comedic story ruined by American stupidity and the removal of all the punchliines. I think that they shouldn't have made this as a tribute to Douglas Adams. He would be rolling in his grave. It didn't have to be a perfect adaptation, Adams even said that he purposely made each version contradictory of each other, but we still screwed it up.

3. Kingpin. Ugh. The most unfunny boring movie I have ever seen.

4. Semipro. The second most unfunny boring movie I have ever seen.

5. Doom. Okay, so Doom didn't have to be a great movie. All it had to be was a flashy, stupid, kind of cool action flick. The inclusion of a story and attempted characters just made it boring and awful. At least the first person segment was cool, but I wouldn't want to watch 2 hours of it.

6. Jabberwocky. I love Monty Python, but this movie sucks. Even they admitted it sucked so its no longer on their resume.

7, Lady in the Water. Watch out for that Scrunt, okay Gnarf people. Yeah this movie was gibberish.

8. 回路 (Kairo/Pulse): It had a cool idea. It really did. Too bad it is possibly the most boring horror movie ever.

9. Battle Royale 2. COME ON. WHY. The first dead a decent job of adapting the book, but this one ruined it.

I can't think of a10th worst movie.

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Croutons you were doing well with Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers, some Billy Wilder and Gilliam, then you go and put Fear and Loathing as a worst. :( I have seen it about ten times and it gets better every time. I hope you watch it again. I am a big Gilliam fan, and i would like to exchange views on him and Fear.

You do get a mad face for no Time Bandits. :mad: Its much better than Tidelands.