What Is Your Favourite Sport


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(Just trying to get some more peoples active on our forums).

What is your favourite sport and why?

I have been playing football/soccer in nearly my whole life but I stopped for about 5 months ago since I felt it was getting a bit boring but it's still my favourite sport.

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Ultimate Frisbee!!FTW!!! some people don't consider it a sport though. but its awesome. and been playin soccer all my life and really like messin around


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I love tennis. I took my first lesson at age 7. Almost 25 years later and I still play competitively in adult leagues. Super fun. I hope to still be playing when I'm 93. I think I'll quit then. :)


I love Judo, been in it for 3 years now. Probably wont join next year, cause the club this year was populated by about 50 7 years olds, not to mention it ended up being the same thing alot. Still love it though, just need a break. Also I really like football, usually play running back.


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Cross Country Ftw (look at userbar)

I just love running long distances with my friends and pwnzoring in the races :D

the adrenaline is just awesome


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Used to be baseball until I broke my arm pitching in High School. That was just a wonderful experience, let me tell ya...

Now, Ultimate Frisbee is probably my favorite sport. I obsess over improving in that sport more than any of the others that I play.
My favorite sport is baseball, I just love the complexity of the sport and how patient you have to be b/c you will always have a bad day sometime or another......My favorite hobby/sport is def. cross country, it's just the best feeling when you do really good or out kick someone at the shoot...


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Bicycling. I try to ride to and from work and school as much as possible, plus a bunch on weekends. I'm not competitive about it (unless you pass me on the bike trials...then it's ON!), but I'm pretty quick.
I also swim, but just to keep in shape, again, I'm not competitive.


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volleyball and skiping, jk but i play football and i also like to plat Wii golf

Ps, i like to play volleyball sometimes so I'm not hating the volleyball lovers.
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Favorite sport be Baseball. Earlier this summer went to Fenway and watched Boston play Seattle, it was a great game.

Some mention Ultimate Frisbee, what be that? Because I play Disc/Frisbee Golf, and I always get people asking if that's like Ultimate Frisbee.


Ice Hockey is my favorite sport. I've taken a break from playing for a few years. Though, I'll hopefully be able to start playing again soon.