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Hi all,

Been playing on EGO servers since source in 2008 and just wanted to say I love that you guys are still running some great servers in CS2 today.

I'm running into an issue and it seems to be isolated to EGO servers where my in game name keeps displaying as my steam account name - the original one selected way back when and not my profile name. This doesn't happen to me anywhere else on CS2 - not on any other private server, matchmaking, etc. Is this a known issue on current EGO servers? I'm only logging on to JailBreak servers but would love a fix because I'd rather not play the same name I picked when I was 14 - nearly 15 years ago lol

Thanks in advance

We do have a system in place that will update your in-game name to your forum name if you have a forums account with your Steam (Game) ID linked, and a rank. It's unlikely that our servers are updating your name to your Steam account (login) name, as we don't have access to that, however, if you previously had a forums account with that name, it's possible that it's still being updated to that.

If you would no longer like this to happen, I would recommend that you open a Contact Leadership thread (make sure you include your Steam ID!) so someone with the appropriate access can look into it, and potentially unlink your account. If you remember your old forums account and would like to continue using that one, you could also log in to that account, and request a name change.

Hope this helps, do let me know if you need any assistance with this :)
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That would make the most sense - I think I've popped in here at least once or twice over the years but to be honest I don't remember making ever making an account but it's been so long who really knows lol

I'll go ahead and make a contact leadership thread - thanks for the help blank_dvth blank_dvth :)