im sorry to tell everyone this

but im leaving eGO (nuthing against anybody or anything) but im not going to be on DoDS much at all anymore (got a 2nd job at gamestop) and im going to JFH...sorry to leave you guys but ill still be on when the server isnt full (congrats on that though)
ahhh man.that sucks ur leaving.=(

you will be greatly missed.


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Don't sweat it, life happens. I returned to DoD after being away for two years. When you have time and feel an itchy trigger finger, look us up :)


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sadly life must come first but when you can make sure to drop in and say hey


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it was fun while it lasted orangetag :) you were my favorite rifleman when you werent against me...

good luck man.

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ah orange i remember good times...

good luck on your 2nd job(well game stop how bad can it be though) and take care man...