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here is the deal:

first of all i'm gonna be inactive between 13th - 17th of june which is this wednesday and i'm coming back at 17th at night... i'm going to table rock lake missouri to a cabin which doesn't have a phone and tv so there is no INTERNET!!! what a retarded thing is this???

whatever after that...

i'm gonna be inactive between 23-24 to 28-29(maybe even 30th) of june because i'm going to houston on 25th and going back to turkey from there on 28th so i'm sure i'm gonna be inactive till 29th

whats bad about this is it is GMT + 2 = eastern + 7 and 10 pm eastern scrims will be 5AM in the turkish time idk wheter i can make it to the scrim after next weeks scrims or not...
One winged angel dont post so many times at once b/c it gets annoying and its scary. Gonna miss you Rom!
oh btw the turkey thing is gonna be till january i'm living like 6 months to 12 months in usa and then 6 in turkey so...

gonna come back in the end of january...
dang thats a looong time. man i'm really gonna miss you. i hope you could play a lil if u find a computer over there and then u can play a lil DoD with us!
dude first of all turkey is not a poor country lol:D

they have everything you can think of and have here except mountain dew(for some reason pepsi is not carrying md)

and i'm taking my laptop back anyway so i'll be playing...

this is not like i'm leaving the clan or gonna be inactive its just i might not have this much time to play dod

i'm sorry about not making it clear...
what a retarded poll haha have fun rom see ya around but ill be back home when you leave so yeah.....later bro

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