My 2025 Candidate Opening Statement for Future Manager of the Company


Dear EGOnians,

It is time I present to you my opening letter for the running of the 2025 Future Manager of EGO!!! I am so happy to be here and apart of such a great organization! I have truly learned a lot about everyone here and your problems with how things are being ran. I have listed some great things in the past that I still plan too roll over on to my 2025 Future Manager of EGO along with more fresh ideas! As it is still early in the running I will be listing 1 very big change that will bring motivation to a very special team of the community! My main concern right now is the balance of good content vs bad content in the JB server.

I am happy to present to you my first idea into the world of 2025 JB! I will be changing the way MAPPERS are honored by giving them rewards and titles for their great doing of the JB community. As we all know mappers put in a lot of work by giving us the gameplay we desire. Its with great interest that we support them and give them recognition. I have created a timeline that i will implement when I am marked 2025 Future Manager of EGO. I will now show you a little sneak peak of the timeline.

Step 1: As you may know the players that we mainly recieve come from local servers for example surf, climb, bhop etc. When they come here they are able to see maps with tiers which makes it easy for them to understand and gives them an idea of what to expect as they move up in map tiers. JB maps will now be tiered from T1 being the easiest up to T5 being the hardest. further into my campaign I will be listing the "expectations of these tiers." my first step is to Mandate these
expectations as a requirement for the server. All maps will be tiered by there creator, if the creator of a map has gone MIA then the person that imports the map will now be the owner of that map. This sounds unfair but there is a reason for this and will be listed when I show my "expectations for these tiers."

Step 2: I want to set a reward system for all inspiring and veteran map makers of this community. The thing about other servers like surf or climb etc is when a new mapmaker develops there first map they tend to want to push themselves to make better maps. A lot of them start off as a T1 and there thinking well I want to make a more complex one so it inspires them to make a T2 then T3. Some want to go the distance and get to T7's. We need to make sure they are known and they
have guidelines to push themselves to make better maps and do great things for the community! Mappers will be ranked and their rank will show when they log into the server. Ranking names will be as follows Casual -> Advanced -> Expert -> Semi-Pro -> Pro -> Grandmaster. These ranking names are not set in stone but they will be color coded when Mappers log onto the server. This point system will be given out when i release the "expectations of these tiers." ALL MAPS IMPORTED

Step 3: With new tools given to us by CS2 it is tough for upcoming mappers to understand quickly on how to map. Maps voted by the community to be imported will be imported by a veteran map maker. But others will be imported by upcoming mapmakers. I will create an Upcoming Mapper thread on the forums along with an Upcoming Mapper channel on Discord. This allows them access to talk with veteran Map Makers and gives them maps to learn and test their abilities.

Step 4: As you may have read in my last running about an ingame JB Shop. I will be bringing !shop too CS2 JB. As plugins are still being worked on this may take a little bit longer than expected. but it will be done by the end of 2025. Mappers will not only be given titles but they will also be given credits for this. Focus though is to bring in rewards/title and inspire people to want to map.

I have much to bring to the table if im elected. I love every single person of this community and I will let nothing stand in the way of us being what we are and thats family. This community means the world to me and without you guys I would be the manager of something worst like Fortnite or COD or worser. Roblox. I need this community but more importantly the community needs a strong leader. I will march into battle with any server that does not follow the word of
the EGOnian people Like how Naruto defeated the fire nation and claimed the ring of the lords and slayed the elder dragon to save the princess from the tower and return her home to the people. for I will be your savior and not let you down. My fellow egonians this is concludes my opening statement. Much more to come.

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