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Grumpiest Cat
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EdgeGamers now has Minecraft games for you to play at ANY TIME on the event server! No more waiting for a scheduled event to play Murder Mystery with friends or to try out the Parkour maps. From the survival spawn, go through the portal to the events server. Go to the categorized gazebo and right-click the sign for the game you wish to play. Try them out and make sure you provide feedback with the games you would love to see us add next! Also, if you are interested in helping create the command blocks to make new games, please reach out to GrumpyCatJen GrumpyCatJen

Current list of games available:

  • Minigames
    • Anvil Drop
    • Ant Farm
    • Cave Run
    • Death Run
    • Hide & Seek (Rainbow Mushroom)
    • Murder Mystery (Sakura Japan)
  • Parkour
    • Parkour Tower
    • Universal Parkour
  • PVP
    • PVP Arena (not the same as the one in Survival spawn)
  • Build Battles
    • Pictionary (Paint Room)
    • Pictionary (Pink Blossoms)
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