How many monitors do you use with your computer?

How many monitors do you use with your computer?

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    Points: 23 28.8%
  • 2

    Points: 37 46.3%
  • 3

    Points: 13 16.3%
  • 4+

    Points: 7 8.8%

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This is how I imagine you

I have 2 🤣
Thinking of getting 2 more monitors lol one for discord specifically and another for something idk
I use 2, 1 horizontal and 1 vertical. Having 2 monitors is wayyy better than having just one. For homework and videogames. I've been thinking about getting a third but I'm going to college and that would just be overkill for a dorm.
That's a good question.

My work computer (at the office) has 3 monitors.

At home, I have 2 wide screen "gaming" monitors.

Having worked from home 99% of the time since Covid (4 years).. there have been times I've missed that 3rd monitor.
3, primary monitor for gameplaying, one sub-monitor for checking temperature or any chat or browsing websites, another sub-monitor is just CCTV to check the whats going on outside.

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