Diamond Commendation & Promotion: Congratulations Jii!


Promotion & Diamond Commendation: Congratulations Jii!

The EdgeGamers Tech Team would like to congratulate and thank jii jii for his dedication and work towards the community. He has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure many of our servers are up, running, and updated. He has tackled on new projects and issues whenever he has the time, and has proven his dedication and investment in EdgeGamers. Due to these attributes, we are pleased to present the Diamond Commendation Award to jii.


In conjunction with this award, we ask everyone to congratulate his promotion to Senior Manager! We have realized that his hard work has caused both his responsibilities and skills to greatly expand, thus prompting us to re-evaluate his position within our rank structure. As a result of a strenuous in-depth audit, we have come to the conclusion that it would be remiss of us not to promote him for his outstanding (monthly) performance reviews.


We look forward to his next steps in EdgeGamers, and thank him for helping us keep the lights on!

Art: @Buster | Writer: MS MS

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Congrats dude. Although I’m at odds at times, it is no secret you do great work for us.
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Right on, Congratulations!!! Thank you for all of the great things that you have been doing for the community and all of us gamers who benefit from the fruits of the work that you have been putting in!
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