Team Fortress 2: Frags of the Month

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Team Fortress 2: Frags of the Month

Hello EdgeGamers! We would like to thank everyone who took the time to save and submit their gaming highlights. They are fantastic and deserve to be seen by the world on our biggest stages. Please continue sending and sharing your best moments with the community. In addition to the homepage they may also be seen on all of our social media including EdgeGamers' YouTube and our NEW TIKTOK! These frags can come from any game you play as long as they are of you or another community member.

Special thanks to this month's contributors for their highlights:
@robotic3206 @Hat @Cipherlock @Hero @Elbow Removal Service

Feel free to upload clips in a matter of seconds here: SUBMIT CLIPS HERE

Please enjoy this month's edition of Team Fortress 2: Frags of The Month

Art: @Buster | Video Editor: @Spock | Writer: Immaculate Immaculate

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