EdgeGamers Player Spotlight: Hat


EdgeGamers Player Spotlight: Hat!

We believe outstanding people make outstanding communities. Well, look no further than the subject of todays video and our first Player Spotlight in two years! This member has been described as a wonderful and fun person who brings friendliness, excitement and kindness to the TF2 servers and events. He regularly shows up and participates in a good manner while showing to be very helpful, even with socially challenged newbies and pubs on the server and Discord.

Join us today as we introduce you to one of EdgeGamers paragons and TF2's favorites... Hat Hat !

Say hello when you see him on a TF2 Server!

Art: @Bluelava101 | Writer: @CheapjingJR | Writing Editor: Immaculate Immaculate | Video Editor: @ClayTougher

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I had better and longer answers for the questions but it was a 2 and a half minute time limit (thats also why I was talking fast)

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