Team Fortress 2 Events: Invasion Night!


Team Fortress 2 Events: Invasion Night!

It's a War of the World inspired event featuring spectacular and thrilling battles between our favorite heroes and most deadly aliens. Join us this Saturday for Invasion Night, where we will play on sci-fi themed maps where even aliens want in on the insanity that is Team Fortress 2! Casual, the event features rotating maps on the best TF2 server in the world. Feel free to contact the host if you have any questions. Save the bread and see you there!

Vael_Carnage Vael_Carnage

How to attend:
Please be present in the Discord event voice channel before event time!

Game Link(s):
Team Fortress 2

Date & Event time:
Saturday June 8th, 2024
6:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM CST / 9:00 PM EST

Artist & Writer: Immaculate Immaculate

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