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So, Some of y'all might've seen the very long conversation we had yesterday in the discord about #FixTF2.
Over the last 24hrs I've had a lot of time to consider everything more and I had something I wanted to talk about.

If you don't know, here's what you should know.
Recently, a second(?) movement began by a large subset of the community to raise awareness for the bot problem in TF2; coined #FixTF2. This came after an awareness campaign from awhile back, #SaveTF2, in which the same issue was brought up. A lot of people were underwhelmed by Valve's response to #SaveTF2, and this time, with #FixTF2, decided to take more drastic action to try and get attention on the problem. They have done this through the act of reviewbombing.

This is simply an appeal to those who've reviewbombed the game. I'm not trying to sway your opinions on the issue at hand; We all agree the issue is massive and needs addressed.
What I implore in you, is to consider changing your review to positive. By all means, update it and speak true of the problem, by no means censor yourselves. Let valve hear you; However understand that at the end of the day, this was the culmination of the blood, sweat, and tears of a few people who brought us a game that has lasted 17 years at least. I implore you to remember, a good chunk of you have hundreds of hours, even thousands of hours of gameplay out of this game. I want to remind you that the developers of TF2 do NOT have unilateral authority to change the game and just fix the problem, nor is it something easy to fix. It's a game of cat-and-mouse that will continue for all eternity.

By now, Valve has gotten the message, of that I am sure. Valve ultimately is responsible for things at this point, and while you've got no grounds to believe in them, I believe in the people behind TF2, I can only imagine the hurt they are feeling right now seeing this happen to their game, and want to fix it. I have reason to believe that there are people exploring every option, but are not shot-callers. The message has been sent, so I implore you, for the people who poured their heart and soul into this game, show your support, and stand behind what they'd want. Maybe, just maybe, Some good will come out of this. I've got reason to believe this, and I just want to implore you if you negatively reviewed, to consider the humans behind it.
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I don't think "a lot of people were underwhelmed by Valve's response," I think everyone was. Their response was, well, just a response that someone at Valve HQ opened Twitter once or twice.
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