Minecraft Events: Murder Mystery and Hide & Seek


Minecraft Events: Murder Mystery and Hide & Seek

Murder Mystery Description:
You are all wandering around town, minding your own business. However,
you start to notice some people are missing. Is there a murderer among us?
See if you or the detective can find the murderer before you all end up dead!

Hide & Seek Description:
The name describes it best. As a hider, your goal is to avoid being killed
by a seeker. As a seeker, your goal is to eliminate all of the hiders. Recent changes
to the game now convert hiders into seekers. Will you be able to avoid all
the seekers, or can you strategically convert all of the hiders?

How to Attend:
Join our 1.20.4 server at mine.edgegamers.com in Bedrock or Java!
Use the command /server events OR go through the portal at spawn.
Murder Mystery and Hide & Seek warp signs are available in
the Minigames gazebo.

Event Time:
Tuesdays 7PM CT/8PM ET


Additionally, join us in the discord at https://discord.gg/edgegamers

Artist: @Ultralight | Writer: Minecraft Leadership

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