Counter-Strike: Jailbreak Server Updates!

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Counter-Strike: Jailbreak Server Updates!

Any time a server is updated in Counter Strike we make posts with those changes in forms and our discord in the Counter-Strike changelogs channel. All changes are for Community Leadership to see how they are received by the community. After any updates we strongly encourage your feedback, so please send us your observations and suggestions. The status of changes are flexible and subject to change.

Jailbreak Update 24.06.09
Fix starting LR during a SD
Extended FFA SD loadout time
Added a notification when FFA is fully started
Temp disable Jihad C4
Added a 30 second time limit for warden to use !sd at start of round
Fix various issues relating to LR and damaging other players

Jailbreak Update 24.06.09-HOTPATCH-1
Re-add Jihad bomb
Removed push behavior when bomb explodes
Bomb can no longer be used during War / Free For All days

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Y'all are the best for adding the bomb back, such an underrated item!! From the community, thank you to each and every one of you who helped bring jailbreak back to what it is!!!!

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