Funny Moments of the Month: June 2024!

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Funny Moments of the Month: June 2024!

Another month, another hilarious clip compilation! Each day in EdgeGamers servers creates amazing, yet funny adventures which are captured into clips for the rest of us to enjoy! This months clips come from EdgeGamers very own servers where our dedicated members form the community we all know and love. With more and more servers coming to life within EdgeGamers, its the amazing people that join the servers every day that create these opportunities for these clips! Join us, grab a snack, kick back and enjoy this months Funny Moments!

A huge thanks to the following members for submitting their funny moments!
6 6ix9ine @Chicken Noodle Soup @DrkChocolate @Elbow Removal Service @Hat Immaculate Immaculate jii jii @Larrythevegtabable Nappin^ Nappin^ @Sarah @TeleTubby @Vael_Carnage

As stated earlier, these clips are only possible with the help of community members, such as you! If you have a funny or exciting moments to share, submit it to the google form below and maybe you will be featured in next months Funny Moments or Frags of the Month!

Important: Official thread for submissions; here. It outlines how your clips can/will be used.

Artist & Video Editor: Immaculate Immaculate | Writer: @Golden

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thanks to jii jii for carrying 3 of my clips to clip of the month. if only he could carry our games :)
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