Media Team is Recruiting: Join Now!

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Media Team is Recruiting: Join Now!

Media Team is the creative force behind EdgeGamers, dedicated to maintaining and promoting EdgeGamers as a whole. All eGO YouTube and social media content, thumbnails, writing and artwork on our homepage exist because of Media Team and it's talented volunteers, just like you. If your passions involve creativity and a desire to make a difference, Media Team is your place to do so!

EdgeGamers is a proud gateway for a number of decorated Leaders in our community such as Admins, Advisors, Managers, Community Managers, Directors and even the current CEO of EdgeGamers. If you'd like to contribute to the community and achieve personal goals jump on board with Media Team now!

All we need is your desire to contribute.

Check out what makes up media team!

Are responsible for crafting the articles seen on the front page, such as this one.

Graphic Artists
Create the eye-catching images and art seen across our website and social media apps.

Video Editors
Produce and edit enjoyable videos uploaded and featured on our YouTube channel.

Provide commentary with other members, typically as part of our Meet The Leadership series, but sometimes in other cases.

Social Media Posters
Share a range of important news and entertaining items to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Stream Team
Promotes EdgeGamers while they are live streaming, and receives promotion for their stream in return.

TikTok Team
Helps gather content and edit it into a short-form video for our TikTok page.

Apply for Media Team today and start the next chapter in your eGO journey!

Artist: @TRIKSTR | Writer: Immaculate Immaculate | Writing Editor: @Golden

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