TF2 Event: Royal Rumble Map Vote!


TF2 Event: Royal Rumble Map Vote!

The Royal Rumble is fast approaching! While the game is set, we still haven't voted on the map yet and that's where you guys come in!

Based on your guys' suggestions, these are the maps in the running:
Blackmesa (Classic Map) - cp_blackmesa_final (Custom Map - come check it out on Sundays!)
Dustbowl -
Sunshine -
Gullywash -
Snakewater -

Which of these maps will come out on top? Only one way to find out, vote now!
Click Here To Vote:
The voting will end 3 days from now.

Don't forget, join us on July 1st! for the big event as well as our two Royal Rumble practice nights on June 17th & June 24th!

Artist: @Alcha | Writer: @L.M.C.M.

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