Am still here i didnt left


Hi to the whole EGO CS Community.Some people think i left EGO.Some people thing i dont play anymore CS.and some people know what happen to me.Soo am banned and since i have been banned i never saw any guy or talk to a person of EGO community so many people will say Flake why u dont do a appeal the answer of this is i did and i got denied twice many ask when i can appeal i can appeal in 4 months its wild isnt it. So now Flake will be out for 6 months from the EGO Community. And am here to say. I wish 1 day EGO community admind non-admins and LE will forgive me for the actions i did. And i try my best to find a way to get atleast a chance to get sooner unbanned. The last thing i want to say that if someone of LE read this i want to say again am sorry for my actions i did and i want to ask if i can take another chance to fix my self. Now Idk if i cant say somethings that i said before am allowed to say. And i dont want people start saying or putting on there name #FREEFLAKE Because nothing will happen.

Peace From Flake AKA 🇬🇷GreekGod🇬🇷

SORRY!!! For everything EGO Community
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I distrespect because i have some anger issues and also the disrespect my country
wait i remember this. omg they are keeping you locked up because of that??? thats wild... let me know when you are back i wont play till you are back okay! <3