Counter-Strike 2: Jailbreak Server Updates!


Counter-Strike: Jailbreak Server Updates!

The primary goal of EdgeGamers will always be to provide and maintain servers for all to enjoy. Any time a server is updated in Counter Strike we make posts with those changes in forms and our discord in the Counter-Strike changelogs channel. All changes are for Community Leadership to see how they are received by the community. After any updates we strongly encourage your feedback, so please send us your observations and suggestions. The status of changes are flexible and subject to change.

Jailbreak Update 24.06.15

Updated message formatting and coloring for warden, special day, and C4.
Re-enabled Multi-Addon Manager.
Reduced !warden command cooldown from 15 to 8 seconds.
Updated bomb behavior to be the same as in CS:GO

The bomb can only be activated once
If the bomber dies before the bomb explodes, the bomb is not dropped
The bomber can still drop the bomb to other players without activating it

Activating a jihad will immediately mark you as rebelling
The map vote menu will now close once you've voted for a map
Fixed Race LR instantly killing the CT
Fixed some LR winner messages being doubly printed

Added anti-chat spam system
Added chat filter system
Fixed a bug where the duration of bans would incorrectly show as 0 minutes.

Jailbreak Update 24.06.15-HOTPATCH-1
Fixed the chat filter censoring "ni" words (like "nice", "nichole", etc.)
Added jb_mlcastle
Added jb_oasis_v3a

Jailbreak Update 24.06.15-HOTPATCH-2
Fixed numerous additional false positive filters
Disabled chat filter in admin and leadership chats

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