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this player was on my server today and im just wondering if hes one of yours because he was very rude and out of line.

=(ego)=zoso745: pOop is A FUCKING gay rod
=(ego)=zoso745: poop sucks cock
=(ego)=zoso745: so isb your sister you nfucking ho bag
=(ego)=zoso745: **** **** **** **** poop
=(ego)=zoso745 changed name to 8======D----
im not accusing you guys of anything, just wondering if hes one of yours
An eGO would never say such things. Plus he's not an eGO. This should go to the request ban forum Chaotic not the general discussion.
I believe this guy is saying that it occurred on his server, not one of ours. Which is more disparaging than a fake on our own servers. Unfortunately people like this can try and ruin our image abroad. I don't believe he is one of ours, if you have a steam id, that would be great, as we could immediately search the steam id's, as well as ban this person from all three of our servers.
if you think someone is not an admin just type ma_users in console and every * means they have admin
good job getting the id :)
i feel bad that these people think of these ideas. when i was smaller i liked the bad guys in the disney movies, but now im completly against it. so i think he should be banned from all eGo servers. he will get what he deserves!
That's messed up. Kinda makes you wonder who hates eGO that much to go on another server, impersonate a senior member, and disrespect not only the eGO clan, but the clan and players of the server he's on. It's aggravating ~:(
Well he should get a banned for even impersonating an eGO member plus the swearing....... wow.
You can tell its not a member because he didnt put the proper tag in his name, not all the letters are small case.
ok guys, thanks. I just wanted to make sure if he was one of yours that you are aware of what hes doing. so i guess this could just be alittle heads up if you see this guy on you can deal with him.

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