Meet The Leadership: Jacko!


Meet The Leadership: Jacko!

Welcome to our latest episode of Meet the Leadership! Today we have our almost infamous jailbreak connoisseur, Jacko Jacko ! Jacko, the 2020 Counter-Strike Member of the Year has been a cornerstone of our Jailbreak server! Teamed with our CS Leadership, he has been dedicated to devoting an untold amount of time to EdgeGamers and staying active within our thriving Counter-Strike 2 scene.

Through numerous tests and diligent efforts, Jacko has succeeded in maintaining our servers while ensuring that our prison is running efficiently and in an orderly fashion. In this episode, you will hear how much of an “og rebel god” Jacko really is and how he, beyond any doubt, isn’t a toxic CT main. Sit back, behave, and open your mind to the possibility that this leadership member hasn’t always been part of the "heat," playing as a CT main!

Art: @december | Writer: @Golden | Writing Editor: @fweakz

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First to Like the video. The only reason liked the video its because Jacko Jacko its the Best CS LeaderShip member i know


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Great article and video, team. It's good to hear a conversation. Thank you for your leadership Jacko.